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Madhura Jihva, a visionary Cloud Kitchen, delivers high-quality, convenient, and diverse home-cooked-style cuisines to busy lives.

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The Story About Madhura Jihva

The Story about Madhura Jihva

The genesis of the "Madhura Jihva" project, or Cloud Kitchen concept, can be traced back to the evolving demands and lifestyles of modern India. The project originated from a group of professionals who recognized several key factors:

Our Unique Features

Taking these factors into account, the team envisioned a solution that would bridge the gap between people's busy lives and their desire for high-quality, home-cooked-style food. The concept of a Cloud Kitchen, which focuses on preparing and delivering a wide range of cuisines to customers' homes, was born from this vision.


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The name "Madhura Jihva," meaning "Tongue experiencing Amrutham (nectar)" was chosen to symbolize the commitment of the organisation to deliver the highest quality food that delights the palate. This branding reflects the founders' dedication to providing a culinary experience that is both convenient and delicious.

To sum up, the project's genesis can be attributed to the need for a food service solution that aligns with the fast-paced lives of modern India, while also emphasizing the importance of delivering quality, homely food experiences to customers' homes. The multidisciplinary approach of the founding team ensures that the Cloud Kitchen concept offers a well-rounded and customer-centric culinary solution.